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Train with the SwingWave just minutes a day and experience immediate and on-going improvement. Every player, regardless of skill level, will benefit from the natural, flowing sensation of the SwingWave Golf Swing Trainer.

Your SwingWave was designed to be utilized in many different drills and exercises to help you develop your swing to its fullest potential. Whether you are doing the SwingWave drill or weight training for strength and swing control, you will build consistency and confidence in your game. The SwingWave is a very versatile training aid with many different features.


Weight Training
- 5 lbs
- 6 lbs
- 7 lbs

Optional Training Grip

- unscrew shaft and empty water
- weighs only 19 ounces (empty)
- packs easily

Indoor Model
- just 34" long

Weight Adjustable
- Tour: 48 oz
- Men: 42 oz
- Senior: 36 oz
- Women: 32 oz
- Junior: 28 oz

2020 SwingWave Golf    U.S. Patent #5580321    Made in the USA